Camilo Barrios is making the world smile, one person at a time

 Camilo Barrios

Have you ever had to pay a visit to the dentist? Putting on braces and getting your teeth clean may not be the most pleasant experience but they always leave you looking and feeling better than you did before. A good dentist will always have your best interest in mind and the above is proved time and again by one of Colombia's leading cosmetic dentists, Camilo Barrios.

Just like a natural smile not everything in life turns out already perfect. However credit goes to them who are still able to find the solution and make the most of what they have been given. For Camilo Barrios the analogy holds the same. At the age of 16 when it was time for him to pick a profession Camilo was especially inclined towards military service and wanted to become a part of the national Army. However his parents, having recognised the risk involved, were not comfortable allowing their son to join the defence forces. This decision upset Camilo but he chose to not give up and rather pick something that he would like to make his occupation.

The field of dentistry stood out as the perfect option. It required the same amount of time and effort on Camilo's part to become successful as a dentist as it would have to be a part of the Army. Camilo Barrios had to start from scratch and work for several years as an apprentice at someone else's clinic. This was not because Camilo was without talent but was a result of a lack of funds as well as hands-on experience working as a dentist. Soon he was able to scale up and open his own office. Today Camilo Barrios sits at his clinic by the name of Consultorio Dr. Camilo Barrios and has 10 dentists working under him.

At present Camilo Barrios is one of the best dentists in the city of Bucaramanga in Colombia where his clinic is. The team's specialization lies in esthetics and cosmetic dentistry. While many may be afraid of judgement for choosing a procedure only for cosmetic value Camilo Barrios believes that a good smile can have a positive effect in a variety of other facets to life. Not only does it make you feel more confident but also brings out the inner beauty and worth of a person. Camilo Barrios also works on putting smiles on people's faces from outside the clinic. In other words he is a big sponsor for several of the top events and organisations in the city.

In the future Camilo Barrios wants to keep impacting people's lives for the better by building a bigger office and hiring more people. We hope he finds success in all he has planned!