Camila Cabello lifts her top and flaunts her innerwear in public

Singer Camila Cabello seemed to be in a good mood as she lifted her crop top during her morning walk and revealed her bra to the paparazzi

Camila Cabello flaunts her bra
Twitter / Hollywood Fact

Camila Cabello made jaws drop as she lifted her crop top to the paparazzi revealing her innerwear and toned abs during a morning walk outside her home. The singer seemed to be in a good mood during her walk and sported a white crop top with a black jacket.

She paired her look with black track pants and white jogging shoes. The brunette beauty also wore sunglasses to complete the look. The word 'romance' is printed on her crop top and it looks like she's promoting her latest album with the same name.

Just a few days ago, Camila was spotted going out on a lunch date with her boyfriend Shawn Mendes in Los Angeles and the two reportedly savoured Sushis at an upscale restaurant. Their PDA was for everyone to see and both Camila and Shawn behaved in a super cute way while looking like a couple made in heaven. The couple were dressed in formals and Camila wore a black and red dress while Shawn wore a denim shirt and black pants.

Also, during the Clippers game on November 11, the couple was seated in the VIP area and it looked like they were smitten by each other. A source who was at the stadium revealed to Hollywoodlife that the two were onto each other and, "they looked really happy together and couldn't stop smiling the whole night," and summed it up with ''Get a room you two!''

The source also stated that Shwan Mendez was so romantic, that he needs to be awarded the title, boyfriend of the year. The two rarely watched the basketball game happening in front of them and were busy making out all the time. "Shawn seemed very chivalrous as he held Camila's hand and escorted her around the arena. They were making out all night, weren't really interested in the game and rarely watched it."

The best part is that Camila announced that she's all set to collaborate with Shwan for a music album and it's currently in the pipeline. An excited Camila said, ''We collaborate on life. So, we'll see in music."