Cameron Diaz learning lullabies from guitarist husband Benji Madden?

'She is feeling fulfilled and wants to be a mom'

How far could a year in marriage change Cameron Diaz's life? A lot it seems, going by the latest reports that the actress is not averse to the idea of changing diapers.

The People magazine reported the Bad Teacher star is planning to expand family with husband Benji Madden, whom she married a year earlier.

"She has settled in, settled down and wants to have a family... She is doing everything she can to enjoy this time in her life," a source told the magazine.

"She is feeling fulfilled and wants to be a mom."

And that's a surprise as Diaz had steadfastly said earlier she doesn't want to have babies.

Is it Benji, the guitarist husband, who made a difference?

"Cameron is increasingly happy in her life with Benji," another source told People.

"Benji came into her life at a time when she needed stability and she got it ... He is different from her past boyfriends. She saw a family situation with him and she needed that. And he is fine with whatever she wants to do in her career."

"She had a good run as a tough talking single sister, but like others of her age, she has mellowed and wants more out of life ... She is getting it and loving it. She and Benji like and love each other. Their minds are in sync, they are on the same page," the source said.