Camera Installed In Office Toilets; World's Worst Boss Monitors Employees With CCTV In Toilet Breaks; SACKS Two For 'Taking Too Long'

An office boss installed cameras in the toilets to monitor employees during breaks. The boss of a tech company in Southeastern China has now come under fire after images of employees in toilets were leaked online.

Pictures of three men who were sitting on the toilet while using their phones and smoking are available on the internet. The boss has denied that he was behind the installation of CCTV in the bathroom but reports claimed that it was him only who did this to monitor the phone use and smoking during the breaks.

Employees pictured during toilet breaks
Employees pictured during toilet breaks Twitter

Boss Used To Monitor Employees In Toilet Breaks

According to the leaked details, the tech company used the pictures to warn employees that they were violating company policies. The toilet images have sparked concerns about privacy in China and many users on social media are lashing out at the boss for abusing the surveillance cameras.

Employees pictured during toilet breaks
Employees pictured during toilet breaks Twitter

Employees Are Seen Sitting On Toilets While Using Their Phones

"The company should be punished for abusing surveillance cameras," wrote one on Twitter while another stated that "They treat people like animals, without the slightest respect and humanity."

Reports claimed that the company had sacked two of the men who took extra time during the break and were pictured smoking and using phones for too long. While the third employee lost his bonus and received a warning from the top management.

Company Claimed Employees Deserved Serious Penalties

The company also mentioned that the employees deserved serious penalties as they had crossed a line.

The company later came to justify the fact that cameras that were capturing private moments were also for the advantage of the employees. "The cameras will definitely catch private moments, but frankly speaking, the policy has advantages and disadvantages," said a staff member, according to The Sun.

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