"Call me on demand" A collection based on relationships between the art and traditional Iranian music


The relationship between music and painting is a long-standing one.

In artistic definitions, painting is often placed next to visual arts such as architecture and sculpturing, but painting has always been related to music. One of the subjects of Iranian painting and Chinese painting is music performance. The convergence of Iranian music and painting is understandable since both groups of Iranian painters and musicians have often dealt with mystics.

Today, a lot of research has been done on the relationship between Iranian painting and literature (especially poetry), but there is still a gap in research on the relationship between Iranian painting and music.

One of the people who has shown this connection well in her artworks is Yalda Dousti; a talented and young Iranian artist, painter, and designer.

Recently, she has created a new collection in which she has used her mystical experiences inspired by listening to the unique music of an Iranian song by Master Mohammad Reza Shajarian.

The name of this artwork collection is "Call me on demand", which according to Yalda itself is taken from the desperate whisper of her only lover.

This collection is a kind of manifestation of the meanings and concepts of mysticism in the art of abstract painting, which have emanated from the imperial sounds of Master Shajarian from the divine source of God.

And this issue has caused this artist to decide to donate about 60 to 70% of the selling costs of her artworks, including the income that will be obtained from this collection "Call Me" in its future gallery, to charities and needy people to bless this carpenter and The feeling of a romantic and mystical relationship with God will reach all his fellow human beings.

But the connection between music and art can best be explained by the idea of Synesthesia or sensory displacement in the late nineteenth century. According to this idea, perception in one sense can be manifested with another sense. Color is considered as an important element in the power of perception, and according to studies, by seeing colors, we can hear certain sounds, just as when hearing music, colors can crystallize from within emotions.

Synesthesia is a specific neurological condition in which stimulation of one of the five senses or neural pathways leads to unconscious and unexpected experiences in another sense or pathway. In other words, people with common senses or synesthetes are those whose senses are connected.

When it comes to masterpieces of art, people are divided into two groups: those who have the ability to understand art and those who can portray it perfectly. Many well-known artists and musicians are synesthetes. Farrell Williams is one of them, and this is a good justification for assigning the name "Seeing Sounds" to one of his and his band's albums. Artists such as Tori Amos, Eddie van Halen, Billy Joel, and Kenny West have various forms of synesthesia.

The same is true for Yalda Dousti, who has recently become very famous for her paintings; She is an artist who sees music in a wonderful way. She is a synesthete. The music enters the yaldas' ear and appears in the form of colors on the canvas. Yalda believes that all human beings have this ability in some way, and only concentration and immersion between the steps of music or the texture of the colors that are combined reinforces this characteristic.

In her case, Shajarian's music penetrated her soul as a divine whisper and separated her from earthly life. On the other hand, the collection "Call Me" can also be an interpretation of an invitation from God to join and flow in His light, which Yalda has rushed to this invitation with all her love and soul, even if it means losing her life and leaving material world. Because for her, this end is actually the beginning of a union with her truly beloved.