California wildfires: 200,000 people flee and 115,000 acres burn; Disaster not to end soon

The largest Thomas fire is now advancing towards Santa Barbara, with people rushing to evacuate and save their lives, if not property.

Growing wildfire threatens 600 homes north of Los Angeles

In an update to the fire situation in Southern California, it is seen that the region is still struggling to fight the numerous wildfires raging all across it, with additional ones that have reached as far south as San Diego. The largest fire is now advancing towards Santa Barbara, with people rushing to evacuate and save their lives, if not property.

Firefighters who have been dealing with the blaze have said that these fires are unlike any they have encountered before, reports The Washington Post. They come two months after Northern California's wine county was ravaged by wildfires.

The recent fire situation has forced about 200,000 people to leave their homes; however, no deaths have been reported. The US National Weather Service has already issued a Red Flag Alert in the Los Angeles county, urging residents to be extra cautious when dealing with inflammable materials.

In Los Angeles, three separate fires are tormenting residents by burning their houses and other property. However, officials on Thursday announced that most of the residents who have been forced to flee will be allowed to come back to their homes after the situation is under control.

Mayor Eric Garcetti has warned about this "insecure time", saying that high winds could come any moment and make the weather more critical. Ralph Terrazas, Los Angeles Fire Department Chief, said that the area's wind and humidity conditions place it at high risk for "extreme range" fire.

The National Weather Service added that fire risks will remain very high all through Sunday due to the unnaturally dry and windy weather.

Southern California has been suffering from fire disasters through the past few months as a wildfire in October had burnt 200,000 acres of land across Sonoma and Napa. 42 people had been killed, setting a record as the highest death toll for a fire in that state. alongside it, at least 8,400 buildings and homes had been destroyed.

Now, the Thomas fire is wreaking havoc in the region, becoming the state's biggest active blaze, which has already destroyed 115,000 acres and 400 buildings in Ventura County.

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