California Residents to Sue SBS for Shin Ae Ra Episode in All The Butlers Variety Show

The variety show All The Butlers featured actress Shin Ae Ra in an episode that was aired in September 2018

The cast and crew of SBS variety show "All The Butlers," are in the soup as residents of California have filed a complaint against the show and the members are charged with fraud, trespassing, property damage along with two more violations.

California residents had filed a complaint with the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office against the show's cast and crew on August 3. The issue came to light after it was reported by KBS. The report claimed that the residents are planning to file a complaint with the U.S. authorities too in this regard.

Why Are the Residents Demanding Compensation?

Master in the House
The cast members of variety show Master in the House at SBS Entertainment Awards 2019. SBS

The complaint was filed by 11 households of Tustin and Irvine in California. The charges include fraud, trespassing on special housing, property damage, violation of the Road Traffic Act, and obstruction of traffic during unauthorized filming.

The complainants are planning to sue SBS for $1,351,044. It is also said that the complainants have submitted a petition, with the Korea Communications Commission, which has a signature of 120 residents of California.

The complaint is regarding an episode of the show "Al, The Butlers," aired in September 2018 involving actress Shin Ae Ra. In the episode, the actress's home in California was visited by fellow actors as Lee Seung Gi, Lee Sang Yoon, Yang Se Hyung, and Yook Sung Jae. It was not only a formal visit but the actors were seen playing games and using the community center swimming pool.

Episode Filmed Despite Ban on Commercial Shooting?

The residents have raised objection to the same and said that commercial shooting was banned inside the center and also that they were not informed about the shooting. Residents also stated that their faces were shown without their consent. They termed all this as damage and have demanded compensation from SBS.

But reacting to the same, SBS has stated that it had taken prior permission to shoot in the premises from the local authorities. The channel also said that there was no breach of laws with regard to a shooting. It revealed that the residents have been demanding $5,066,501 for two years now. It said that the channel will soon issue an official statement regarding the case.

The variety show All The Butlers is also known as Master In The House. The show is about the cast of the show spending two days and one night at the house of a resource person who has achieved big in his/her field of work. It is about showing the everyday life of achievers to the audience.