Crash-Landing in California: Cessna Plane With Two On Board Clips Car As it Nosedives Into Busy Motorway (WATCH)

A small plane crash-landed on a busy motorway in California on Saturday. The Cessna aircraft made its strange landing at the middle of a road in San Marcos. The plane with two people on board nosedived into the motorway.

Plane Twitter

The incident left bystanders stunned though no deaths were reported. Images shared on social media show the wreckage of the plane laying on the busy road, which is barricaded by yellow tape and surrounded by firemen.

The road was closed to the public for a few hours by San Diego Sheriff's Department.

Cause of The Emergency Landing Not Revealed

People on board the plane and inside the car had suffered minor injuries and received treatment. So far, officials have not revealed the cause of the emergency landing.

Video Shows Wreckage Of The Plane Laying On The Busy Road

Videos of the aftermath of the incident have also been shared on social media platforms. "Two people in the plane are okay," according to an Instagram user, who was at the scene at the time of the incident.

Old Lady And Young Kid Were Scared In The Car

"Older lady and young kid in the car seem to be shaken up but uninjured. "I think they're just a little scared," he said of the two passengers in the car. The bystander also said he raced to the scene when he saw what looks to be a prop plane diving toward the road, according to The Sun.
The crash-landing took place at the intersection of South Rancho Santa Fe Road and Melrose Drive.

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