California Man Grabs Robber's Gun and Shoots him Dead in a 'Potential' Robbery Incident

A California man fought off his robbers and fatally shot one of them during an altercation.

A man, in a jiff of bravery, fought his 'potential' robbers back and killed one of them with their own weapon. According to Fox News, the incident is said to have taken place in the 1300 block of West 35th Place near the University of Southern California early Saturday morning, December 11. The three armed robbers allegedly dropped their gun during the altercation with the victim.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told Los Angeles Times that the robbers, reported to be in their 20s, emerged from a vehicle in South Los Angeles and tried to rob a 53-year-old man, who was on foot, at gunpoint. An altercation between the man and the armed robbers followed after he refused to comply with the robbers' demands. The identity of the victim is not known at the moment.

At one point during the encounter, one of the suspected robbers dropped his handgun, the victim quickly scooped it up and used it to fire shots at the robbers. While one of the robbers was shot, the two others fled the scene, according to the police. The robber who was shot was declared dead at the scene.

Man holding gun (Representational Picture) Pixabay

'Smash and grab' crimes

An investigation into the incident is going on. The identities of the victim or the suspects are not clear at the moment. According to Los Angeles Times, no charges have been filed in the case so far. Police questioned the victim but released him later.

The attempted robbery comes on the heels of numerous such incidents plaguing the city in recent times with most of them being 'smash and grab' crimes. The Los Angeles Police Department even announced a 'Follow Home Task Force' to tackle such crimes. A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told Fox News earlier this month there has been a surge in the 'follow-home robberies' in the city.