California Man Dies After Getting Beaten up for Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Woman

Jose Mendez of Ventura County in California was beaten up by a group of people, left unconscious in a wagon, he died in the hospital

Jose Mendez, 31, from Ventura County, in California accused of sexually assaulting a woman was beaten up by a group of people. The latest reports claimed that Mendez succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. So far no arrests have been made in the case.

Mendez was found severely injured in a wagon that was parked on a bike path near Ventura County fairgrounds. He was shifted to Ventura County Medical Center. But failing to respond to the treatment, he breathed his last in the hospital.

The Ventura police said that Mendez was identified as an accused in a sexual assault case. He had allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who was walking her dog. He was beaten up by a group of people that eventually led to his death.

No Arrest Made Yet

Sexual Assault
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So far no one has been booked in the case, but Cmdr Rick Murray said that there is a potential for arrest and filing a case, reported Ventura County Star. It is not yet known if Mendez was in a position to give any statement regarding the case. Police have also not spoken anything about Mendez's statement.

According to Murray, Ventura County has not witnessed many incidents where people of the area have beaten up sexual assault suspects to death. The autopsy report is not out yet and the exact cause of Mendez's death is not known.

The sexual assault incident occurred when the woman was taking her dog on a walk near Emma Wood State Beach. But the dog ran away, making the woman look for it. When she was searching for the dog, she noticed a man following her. When the woman found the dog walking into a bush she went behind it. At this point, a man identified as Mendes allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Beaten up, Left Unconscious in a Wagon

Scared, women screamed for help and some men in the Ventura River bottom ran toward the sound. The woman was heard screaming and people chased and assaulted Mendes. He was left unconscious in a wagon, the police said. California State Parks police is also a part of the investigation.

In another case, a man in his 20s was found dead when his car crashed in Somis, California on Tuesday. The accident occurred on Los Angeles Avenue near La Cumbre Road. The sedan veered into oncoming traffic and was hit by a semi traveling westbound. He was pronounced dead on spot.