California Homeless Man Breaks Into Bank to Use Microwave for Heating Up Hot Pockets

Six police caught a man who broke into a bank in San Diego only to find he was inside to microwave hot pockets

A man was held by cops with the charge of breaking into a bank in California. The incident occurred on Wednesday early morning at Wells Fargo & Finance Company. Upon questioning, cops found that the man had no intention of stealing but just wanted to microwave his food.

Police rushed to Wells Fargo in San Diego when they heard a burglary alarm at 3.30 a.m. on May 27. Police observed a broken window near the bank's ATM. Speculating it was a robbery attempt six police officers drew their guns and announced on megaphone asking the man inside the bank to surrender.

Worth it, Replies Suspect

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"Hands up and come out," they said. But they did not receive any response for their announcement. At this point, cops broke open the bank's front door and sent in a K-9 unit dog to ascertain the situation. Later they entered the building and caught the suspect.

Police searched the place thoroughly but did not find any accomplices. When questioned, cops were in for a shock, because the man just wanted to microwave hot pockets. The police have not revealed the identity of the man but said that he was homeless.

The man was hungry and just wanted to use the microwave inside the bank. He also confessed to have heated up two hot pockets as the police were surrounding the building asking him to come out. When asked if it was worth it, the man answered positively and said, "A Hot Pocket? Hell, yeah," reported NBC owned KNSD channel. When the CCTV footage was checked the man was spotted inside the building using the microwave in the break room, said police.

Homeless Man Arrested for Murder

In another incident involving a homeless man, San Francisco police have made an arrest following a murder case. The homeless man is identified as Peter Rocha and is accused of killing a 94-year-old man. Elderly man Leo Hainzl was walking his dog at Fritz, near Glen Canyon Park when the incident occurred.

Rocha is said to have attacked Hainzl with a stick. Hainzl immediately fell and hit his head. Though he was admitted to the hospital, he passed away shortly. Cops held Rocha based on the description given by Hainzl before he died. San Francisco County jail police have booked Rocha for assault with a fatal weapons and inflicting injury upon an elderly persons. It is a non-bailable arrest for Rocha.