California: Customer Throws Metal Item at Retail Store Worker, Walks Out Casually as the Lady Bleeds Behind

  • The retail worker in Modesto shared the picture on Facebook Page 'Retail life during Covid-19'

  • The page goes viral getting 31,000 likes already

Samantha Clarke
Samantha Clarke, retail worker who was attacked by a customer in Modesto, California. Facebook

Samantha Clarke, a retail worker at a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Modesto, California was attacked by a customer, leaving her severely wounded. "I was split open pretty good," said Clarke, who had not witnessed such violent behavior by customers in her 17 years of work at the store.

The incident is said to have occurred two weeks ago, but the female who attacked her is still at large and Clarke has started a Facebook page "Retail life during Covid-19" to find the woman as well as to help create awareness about the struggles retail workers have to go through during coronavirus pandemic. Her page has got 31,000 likes so far.

Samantha Clarke FB page
Samantha Clarke created FB page 'Retail Life During COVID-19' to create awareness against assault on retail workers during pandemic. Facebook

Meanwhile, the Modesto Police Department has also posted the face of the attacker on its facebook page. In the photo, the woman in seen standing in the parking lot wearing a black mask with a Chanel logo.

What Happened That Fateful Day?

The incident occurred when a woman called from Tracy and asked to hold a swimming pool. The staff replied that they can hold it for 30 minutes only. But she arrived 45 minutes later and did not get to use the pool. The woman seemed upset.

According to Clarke, the woman in anger started throwing items kept at the counter. She caught hold of a metal material and threw it at Samantha's face. As Clarke was bleeding, the customer who had attacked her walked off casually with her baby's stroller in tote. The woman in question is also said to have covered up her license plate before starting her car.

A Matter of Disrespect?

Clarke expressed her disappointment about retail workers being treated with disrespect. People come and take their frustrations on retail workers. "We are just following instructions from our employer," said Clarke. "I just want to say to be patient and show a little kindness to your retail worker, cashier. A nice thank you goes a long way," Clarke added.

As the attacker is still at large, the Modesto police also sought help from public and said if anyone has information about the suspect, they can contact Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636. Those making calls can also opt to be anonymous.