California: Chartered Planes Airlift 1,000 Chickens Rescued From Mass Kill

An animal sanctuary from northern California rescues at least 1,000 chickens from getting euthanized owing to the coronavirus crisis.

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COVID 19 has affected small, medium and large scale industries across the world, forcing some to shut the doors. An animal sanctuary in Iowa is also facing difficulties and is closing its animal farm that mostly consisted of chicken. But hearing the news, Animal Place, a large-scale animal sanctuary from northern California, rescued at least 1,000 chickens from getting euthanized.

The news was broken by Animal Place that did not name the farm from where it brought the chicken by airlifting them. In the press release it said that an Iowa-based farm was planning to euthanize all its chickens as it was becoming difficult to manage business due to COVID-19 lockout rules.

Animal Place Turns Saviour

The Iowa farm owner had decided to kill all chicken as they were not in a position to feed such a large number of animals. Hearing the news Animal Place contacted them and asked them to give 1,000 chickens to them. The farm owner readily agreed and Animal Place arranged for two chartered planes to airlift chicken. After a long drive they reached Iowa from California and directed the volunteers about the rescue mission.

The entire process took 30 hours including 27 hours of drive. They reached the farm at 3 a.m. and started loading the chickens on planes and vehicles. Though tired, the chickens were unloaded and provided with proper food, shelter and care before retiring for the day.

'Touching Grass, Living as Chickens'

In the farm, these hens were put up inside a battery cage with cages stacked five feet from the ground and there were at least 10 hens per cage. "I would do it again in a heartbeat," said Hannah Beins, Animal Place animal care director. She was happy that the hens that never got to touch the grass can do it here now and live like how chickens should live.

Animal Place takes care of sick animals back to death and gives out animals including chicken for adoption for residents of the backyard farms. Apart from the ill ones those brought from the IOWA farm will also be given for adoption.

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