Caizcoin is developing a Revolutionary Crypto Based Finance Solution Inspired by Islamic Laws


Nurtured and launched in Germany, Caizcoin has come out with a very interesting concept unique to its existence. Founded in 2020, it has headquarters around the world with their hub being Switzerland. It is about to launch its own blockchain by the end of 2022 which will be called Caizchain. The notable feature of Caizcoin is its role in diversifying Islamic finance. It is currently the only virtual finance solution which is approved by the Islamic financial law controlled by Islamic scholars. To prove this point, it also has the fatwa certificate which will allow Caizcoin to open the global cryptocurrency market to both Muslims and non-Muslims alike for the very first time.

Caizcoin also claims to be the first certified Islamic crypto currency with the purity of Islamic finance. With its blockchain module, it is all set to enable fast and cost-efficient international money transfers to every common investor, holder, marketer and financier settled anywhere around the world. It also guarantees that it will not involve any business with any active arms, tobacco, the adult industry, alcohol, or pork industry. This is seen as illicit in Islamic beliefs and financial laws.

The technology on which Caizcoin will be based is named Caizchain. According to its developers, the main motive of this blockchain is to make every financial activity safe from third parties, hackers, scammers, and financial terrorists. Caizcoin offers its investors the following advantages and to be more transparent and specific with transactions. These benefits are:

Security - Caizcoin has a top-notch security system that doesn't resist any malicious actors trying to access the user's account. Even if they wish to, they will have to invest a ton of money and spend computing power to get through the security system, which is next to impossible. And for a plus of safety, Caizchain enabled two-factor authentication, requiring not just user password, but a unique code and OTP which will be delivered to the user's email and inbox.

Swift transfers - Users will not have to validate any transfer made to loved ones or during an acute financial emergency, hence no one needs to wait for long. The Caizcoin ecosystem gives access to both the Caizcoin token and the Caizcoin wallet. But there will also be other features on their roadmap as well that includes crypto scanners, node sales, and much more for the benefit of users.

Anonymity and Discretion -Every personal, financial, and customer data is encrypted and kept hidden from any other investors on the same Caizchain. The only thing that will be seen is the holder's public key. This is much similar to the IBAN account. Not a single more detail will be published nor can be found about you.

Autonomy - The developers took special care and used state of the art technology and systems to make Caiz Chain blockchain decentralized. Special attention is given to zero involvement of any third parties in managing assets, passwords, or extra details or credentials. Therefore there is the least need to validate any transactions.

Lower costs - As mentioned before, Caizcoin will never involve any centralized entities that go against the plan, this means that no investors, holders, or marketers have to pay high fees on the holding of Caizcoin coins.

The whole idea, development, and launching of Caizcoin were initiated by a group of young, talented, and dynamic leaders and international scholars in the areas of technology, finance, and business, who came together to solve the financial problem that most laymen involved in finance had to go through. In the coming future, Caizcoin is looking forward to collaborating with NGOs, small groups, and other charitable organizations to enable Waqf and Zakat donations.