Caitlyn Jenner talks candidly about her reality TV appearance and more

Caitlyn Jenner gave a candid interview, where she spoke about her experience of Reality TV and her famous family

Caitlyn Jenner knows her way around reality TV. We have all seen her as a supportive dad and a dominated husband on Keeping With The Kardashians for years before she transitioned, becoming the world's most famous transgender woman.

In fact, she starred in a series called I Am Cait, which took us through her transition journey. But after the second season, the show got canceled because of the average ratings. However, that didn't stop the brave Jenner. She returned to a reality TV show called I'm A Celebrity, where unfortunately she had a meltdown on the first night.

Last five years

She said, "I was thinking about the last five years and everything I've been through, which is a lot," reports DailyMail. She further continues, "Two weeks before, I'd turned 70, which is traumatic for anyone. I was thinking, 'Oh my God, how did I ever get here? It seems like a couple of weeks ago, I was 30."

Jenner was the seventh contestant to be voted out and contestant James Haskell was the one who met her at the exit. In fact, her family received a lot of flak as they were not present to greet her after her stay in the wild.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner has been in the news for her plastic surgery. Pinterest

However, Jenner clears the air saying, "My family is very well-known,' Caitlyn says. 'I never asked any of them to come down or expected them to — they all have businesses and families,' she says. 'I was disappointed they were criticized. After the show was over, I texted or called all the kids to apologize."

New dress up

The publication also reported that Caitlyn was immensely excited about her photoshoot as that presented her with an opportunity to dress up. She explained that she has always fantasized about wearing beautiful clothes. But, since she is 70, she feels like she must dress age-appropriately. And on the other hand, she says, "On the other hand, little Caitlyn's only five years old and a girl's gotta have a bit of fun. And so, I go back and forth on that. I want to be a cool chick."