Caitlyn Jenner obsessed with plastic surgery? Truth revealed

The star was rumoured to be obsessed with plastic surgery.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner has been in the news for her plastic surgery. Pinterest

Caitlyn Jenner has been hit by plastic surgery rumours. Many tabloids falsely claimed that 'I am Cat' star is not satisfied with her surgery and is also looking for further butt surgery.

The recent edition of Star claims that Jenner is in the victim of a "nip/tuck nightmare." The article also contended that the her "dream of transitioning into a beautiful woman has turned into a nightmare, thanks to a botched face-lift and shoddy fillers."

An inappropriate source also quoted: "She stares at the mirror and feels bad about what she sees. She's not happy with her own reflection. Caitlyn has had a bad year and is so lonely. She keeps going in for more and more procedures to try to boost her self-esteem."

The outlet alleges Jenner has been "abandoned" by her family, and is now using cosmetic enhancements to help her mood. A doctor who has never treated the transgender star even speculates that she's had "too many lip injections and a bad face-lift."

The magazines's source was also found giving distorted and flawed information about the star planning to get more reconstructive work done. The source stated: "She wants more of everything. Weirdly, she sees her ex-wife Kris' face as the ideal goal. [But] what she really needs is a true friend, not a face-lift."

However, all such rumours have now been bursted by Gossip Cop. The website claimed that all such rumours are false as the magazine has been covering many inappropriate stories surrounding the star and has also previously falsely claimed that Jenner "wants to be Bruce again."

The investigative agency reported that the tabloids have also earlier claimed that Jenner has been abandoned by her family. However, the former Olympic star is extremely close to her family and had also celebrated Christmas with her family members.

This article was first published on December 27, 2016