Cadlem, creator of Training simulator, sees over 35 Million sessions after its release this month


The gaming industry is thriving on innovation and competition. We have seen many game developers create games on different platforms, but Roblox has been one of the biggest to stand out due to its diversity and simplicity in what comes to playing and creating games.

Cadlem (as known online), the creator of the Roblox game Training Simulator, has recently seen a rise in success on this platform, managing to turn what was once a portfolio of merely average games with a few hundred thousand visits, into a hit brand with over 35 million sessions over the course of just a month, which led to his newest creation hitting the 50th spot on the Roblox platform's most popular games at one point.

Cadlem, who has been developing other games prior to the release of Training Simulator, notes that this has allowed him to expand on his personal brand, which has been rapidly growing and is on its course to hitting its first million followers.

When asked about what he considers keys to a successful game release in Roblox, Cadlem had to note "I think it's really important to try to study the market and understand what works on this platform and what doesn't", also stating that it is crucial for game creators to take their time on designing and conceptualising what they invision for their games, mentioning that "for first time developers a good idea could be to start by trying to learn from games that they truly enjoy playing and creating new concepts out of that".

While Roblox is a platform with a big diversity of games and genres, Cadlem claims that it can be especially rough for game creators that come from outside the platform to adjust to its standards, giving the example that "single player games don't tend to perform as well".

Cadlem's passion and patience have helped him achieve success, but his journey as a game creator hasn't always been easy. He considers himself to be a perfectionist, which can be an obstacle in game design at times, as "you find yourself stuck in wanting to improve the most tiny things, which can put you on this loop of delaying your game release frequently. It's important that you get a base version out there and let your audience share feedback, which is valuable for deciding the routes you want to take in what comes to the future of your game" - Cadlem says.

Cadlem has also revealed to be working on other Roblox games, stating that "Training Simulator is only the beginning of a vision that consists on marking a presence across many different genres".