Busters announces Minji's departure from group; member's mother allegedly expresses discontent

Busters' agency Marbling Entertainment announces the departure of Minji from the group

Minji Instagram

Minji, the South Korean singer, dancer and voice-artist, will be leaving the girl group Busters. The group's agency Marbling Entertainment announced the news through Busters' official fan café.

The agency said: "We want to apologise for delivering such unfortunate news to fans who love Busters. Member Minji's parents have expressed their dissatisfaction with her current activities from about two months ago and revealed their intent [for Minji's] departure."

Marbling Entertainment stated that it has worked hard to carry out individual activities and distributed roles that matched each of the members' characters. "Minji participated in Fashion Week, and we were working on getting her cast as a minor role in a drama, but it seems that this has not satisfied their demands. We respected her parents' opinion and discussed the timing of her departure, and we thought it was best to give her plenty of time to say farewell to fans," the agency stated.

Reports said that initially Minji's departure was planned to be announced by the end of November in order to give the artist some time to bid farewell to her fans through Makestar fan meeting and the two-year anniversary concert on December 14.

However, the company decided to terminate the contract without any further conditions after Minji's parents suddenly expressed that she cannot continue promoting. "We ask for your understanding in inevitably delivering this news in writing," Marbling Entertainment said.

The agency also said that the South Korean girl group will continue to carry out its activities as a four-member team and they will reveal the new member once it is finalised. "We ask [people] to refrain from spreading speculative information regarding this situation. We ask for warm support and encouragement for Busters and Minji in the future," the company further stated.

Following this, a Twitter user allegedly identified as Minji's mother spoke up about the issue on the social media platform. "This is Minji's mother. First, I want to apologise to fans, for delivering unfortunately news. However, I want to express my pity regarding the agency's recent announcements. Shall we upload some posts of restitution? President Kim Yi Joon of Marbling. Can you handle it?" the post read.

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