Business tycoon Sahil Suri to start an initiative for rising female entrepreneurs

Sahil Suri

It's been over decades since females were only about the house chores. Today, there's no field left where they haven't made an impact. To promote women's empowerment even more robustly, several individuals are coming to the vanguard, and entrepreneur Sahil Suri is one of them. This business mind is not just performing his duties towards his company's growth but also towards society.

Sahil Suri recently shared his strong opinions on how women are soaring through the skies of success and raising the bar for society as a whole. However, few women have the full potential to win the market but dwindle to step in for several reasons. And Sahil Suri wants to wreck this!

The entrepreneur shared that he will soon launch an initiative for women who have the skills and ideas that would make them thriving businesswomen. Sahil Suri discloses that under this drive, he will get in touch with successful female entrepreneurs and other experts to get them to train and guide these rising businesswomen. He will also help them build their enterprise and achieve success without going astray from their goals.

Sharing his motive behind this initiative, Sahil Suri says, "Needless to say that women are reaching the moon in today's date and age. Entrepreneurship doesn't see gender; it is all about the idea and market skills of a person. However, for a variety of reasons, women are held back from launching a business. And if I am in a position to help these women realize their potential and achieve success, then I shall do it!"

We hope that Sahil Suri finds success in this initiative. We are looking for him to share the whys and wherefores of the same real soon. Sahil Suri is an adept and profitable entrepreneur. With his IT company and luxury cafe, he has offered employment opportunities to numerous people. He is now planning to turn over a new leaf by being a producer and starting a production house in Bollywood.