Business Lessons with Xander Neff

Xander Neff

Different people will have different management styles. Some will emphasize discipline. Others will make it all about the bottom line. The rare ones will just want to have fun while doing the work. Either way, they will have a specific method of how things get done.

For Xander Neff, a model-turned-entrepreneur, a hands-off management style would be perfect, if only he could stop being the boss for a while. As the person in charge, it's his job to lead, even if he often leads to fun and interesting projects.

Finding the Correct Methodology

Management style is important, but it's only one of the priorities a businessperson should set for themselves, especially if they're still new. There's simply too much to learn and do, and too many decisions to make, that getting bogged down with management style would leave gaping holes somewhere else.

When it comes to mindset, for example, Xander would always put first the fact that he has never found himself in a situation he hasn't prepared for. To this end, he does nothing without having a constructed vision, a plan that includes problem-solving, and the right kind of ability for doing what's needed to be done.

Some of it he probably owes to the military. Xander spent some time in the Army before an injury prevented him from being able to serve anymore. That's another priority: serving others.

Knowing When to Live

Some people live in the future and spend too much time devising long-term plans. Xander isn't one of them. He is grateful for every moment he gets to have on this planet, and he thinks that the future isn't guaranteed, so he prefers to live in the now.

It's a pragmatic philosophy of making the most of the present moment and the resources that are close at hand, but it's possible to make it work. Futures always change, and planning for something so fluid would only be a waste of time.

Living in the struggle, however, is a completely different thing. Xander never had things come to him easily. He believes that the struggles people go through and that eventually shape them can make them into role models for others. Xander didn't share who his hero is, but it surely is someone who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps.

Finding Inspiration

If people are indeed writing their stories by living their everyday lives, then Xander's story is one that could be the subject of a movie. But with all those tough times behind him now, he doesn't like to say that he forgets how it hurt to find out he was paralyzed. Or how, having overcome that, entered the Army, and got discharged for another injury, he found himself homeless.

Those are the painful things that stuck, and it's good that they did. They give Xander motivation to never be anything less than the very best that he can be. That's what keeps him from taking the easy way out or resting on his laurels, getting lazy, and giving up on striving for something new or better, and something that will bring him closer to his true self.