Business Growth and Exit Specialists (BGES) – Your Partner of Choice When it comes to Strategic Business Growth, Future Proofing, and Exit


It's become common practice for many blue chip companies to have an executive to guide their strategies including the CEO or the Chief Strategy Officer. Who better than a professional strategist to help meet the big new uncertainties of the 21st century?

Well, the smart and successful Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) have never been afraid to seek outside help to shape their company's direction, in growth, future-proofing, and exit. SME Business strategists are management consultants/specialists with a wealth of knowledge and experience that we can often take for granted in shaping the business direction and successes.

Business strategists are here to assist organizations in objectively cutting out what isn't working, identifying new opportunities, creating strategies to achieve them, and setting realistic goals for businesses to produce outstanding results.

Smart executives and business owners know that in order to scale, future-proof, and exit their businesses with exceptional outcomes, they need to work with an expert, and one of the best in Australia to work with is Business Growth and Exit Specialists.

Business Growth and Exit Specialists (BGES) is a Sydney based boutique management consultancy firm founded in 2015 by Eric Tjoeng, an MBA-qualified leading Business Strategist with an enviable track record assisting his clients to be BRW's fastest-growing companies and business award winners. Eric is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, and a Business Speaker. He started his career with Deloitte Haskins and Sells Australia, going on to hold various senior leadership roles in blue-chip companies such as AVIS Australia, Jaguar/Rover Australia, and the General Manager of Astre Automotive Group with $1.4 billion revenue.

Eric moved into management consultancy and joined CAD Partners in 2005, a leading SME Business Advisory/Financial Control Firm with more than 50 Partners in Australia and New Zealand. He spent 10 years with them as a Partner, Senior Partner, and then the Joint CEO, awarded with Australia and New Zealand Partner of the Year, Best Performer, Marketer of the Year, Team Player of the Year, and the Community Contribution Award. Subsequently, he founded Business Growth and Exit Specialists Pty Ltd, an effective one-stop-shop business growth, future-proofing, and exit service provider for Small Medium Enterprises in 2015 with 7 partners.

"My vision is to create a trusted industry-leading firm," says Eric. "One where we can work WITH our clients to navigate complex business minefields to grow, future-proof, and exit their business strategically with outstanding results." Recently listed by The Australian Business Journal as one of The 10 Australian Business Strategists & Experts to Watch in 2021, Eric has certainly accomplished his mission.

"Our team works on the big picture strategy and strengthening individual areas of our client's business so that when they come together as a whole their business is in complete synergy to scale, future proof and be exit ready", said Eric.

Alistair Robertson, Managing Director of 32 Degrees Building Pty Ltd, multi business awards winner attributes working with BGES as the key reason for their great success. "By fine tuning our Growth Strategy and Business Model, having a clear Financial Road Map, improving our Marketing/Sales, Financial Control, Human Resources, Operation Efficiency, and Customer Service, we have improved our revenue, profit, and cash flow enormously in a short time frame, as well as having the satisfaction of winning business awards," he states.

If you would like to get in contact with Eric and his team, visit their website at to begin the journey towards creating your business success.