Business Growth Advice from Minoeve: Talented Businesswoman and International Star

Model, actress, entrepreneur – and now Real Estate investor – is there anything Jungin Gillam cannot turn to gold?


New York is a big city, filled with people with big aspirations. When Minoeve first came to America, she was one such dreamer. Little did she know that she would be sitting on a potential property goldmine less than a decade later.

Minoeve's career began when she was a young woman with nothing more than a big dream. She studied at college in her home city before emigrating in search of a showbiz career that she was destined for.

Minoeve made immediate headway in the world of modeling. Her delicate features and delicate gracefulness were soon spotted from among the myriad of talent in NYC. She was quick to land work with the illustrious MMA as a ring girl, holding up scorecards and looking dazzling as she did so. Later, she would start working in a gentleman's club where the money was well worth her time.

The World of Modelling is Changing

Minoeve then started listening to the other girls who worked alongside her at the club. They were involved in camera work and reported making massive amounts online. Minoeve set to work garnering her corner of that online marketplace so that she could turn steady profits without having to leave home.

The world of modeling is changing. Nowadays, you do not need to be endorsed or join an agency. All that is required is a dedicated social media following, including an Instagram page and your website. You do not even need those basics if you want to work in secret. It is possible to set yourself up with an OnlyFans subscription account and book a camera spot on someone else's website.

Tips for Getting Ahead in Business

Minoeve went about growing her audience alongside her fanbase – and this is where her business growth advice comes in. For anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps to become a full-time Instagram model, Minoeve has the following advice.

1 – Quality over quantity

When building a persona for your brand, you need to think about what you are posting. All the SEO sites tell you it is about posting regularly... but Minoeve says it is not like that. Each of her Instagram photos is flawless; each pose is thoughtfully placed. She believes that you should throw out anything that is not your best work.

2 – Leave them Breathless

If you want to make a strong impression on people, you need your Instagram posts to pop. Leave them breathless, make them stop and stare. If you swipe away all expectations from them, all that is left is the art of the moment... the beauty of not knowing what to say. The longer your audience spends in this breathless state, the longer you have them in your hand.

3 – Work Every Day

Minoeve starts each day before five am. Her hair and makeup artist comes over and helps set her up. Every day, she eats the same food simultaneously, eliminating the time it takes to choose foods.

Minoeve is the modern-day businesswoman operating at full tilt, seven days a week. One cannot help but feel a little bit in awe of her. She stands for a modern evolution of the sexy, feminine, goddess-like business leader. We cannot wait to see what she will do next.