Business builder Shubham Saini's leadership qualities help him sustain multiple organizations

Shubham Saini

Leaders serve multiple roles. The best leaders motivate, act as role models, and serve as figureheads for their companies. Suitable for the title of an efficient leader is entrepreneur, Shubham Saini. This Rajasthan based young businessman is an owner of ten enterprises with tons of people working under him. Leadership qualities help home business owners deal with contractors, customers, clients, and the general marketplace. And that's what has helped Shubham to sustain himself in this competitive business world.

At just the age of 20, Shubham has established a place for himself as a successful entrepreneur. His young age and the curiosity that comes with it have quickly made him overcome various challenges and have made him a trustworthy leader in his organization.

With his hard work and modern approach, Shubham is taking the businesses to new heights. At present, he is associated with sectors like construction, mining, event management, automobiles, and even marble. His businesses are growing at an exponential rate covering various major sectors of operations.

Shubham is an ardent car enthusiast and at the age of 18, he owned a Fortuner, a BMW, a Verna, and a Scorpio and Bolero- a remarkable feat for someone so new into the corporate world.