Business acceleration strategies which can be used by companies and solopreneurs to boost their growth cycle


Meet Yoshikazu Ito a Marketing Economist also a founder and director of Buddy & Growth co ltd helping individuals and companies achieve substantial growth through marketing initiatives and implementation of effective learning.

"I think that many people are now realizing how important the discipline of economics and related studies are in the wake of drastic economic shifts due to the current health crisis. Though many of us have been successfully managing our physical health, when it comes to financial health it is apparent that there are major negative consequences throughout the world. As a person who has had the opportunity to experience 2 major downturns in the economy, I am hoping to share with the world the concept of marketing based on discipline behind economics".

In 1983 born in Tokyo, Japan Yoshikazu from early on was determined to contribute to sustainable economic growth through business development. After completing a graduate school: master's degree in economics in 2009, Yoshikazu headed out to launch his business in November 2016 right after his career of working as an insurance sales and marketing at multiple companies.

Thank you so much for joining us! We were intrigued by your sharing of marketing and business declines. Can you tell us a story about how you started your initiative?

After my academics and working at consulting companies I finally chose to be independent in November 2016.

When I started a business, I was determined to work in the field I have always been in, so as for my company, you could say that I am carrying out a job that I have the most experience in based on my background.

What would you say was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome since you launched Buddy & Growth, co ltd?

Our constant growth slowed down in the past after steady growth though we got back on our feet afterward.

It is common for people to think that at the beginning of starting a business, you are free to do whatever you desire however often that is not the case. Personally, that experience helped me understand the importance of cultivating an environment systematically as to invite learning experiences from others.

I am certain that can be applied to major corporations with 1000's of employees as much as to solo entrepreneurs.

For when a company hit a plateau through their corporate culture, it is the executives and people outside of the company that holds keys to uplifting that company beyond a certain stage allowing breakthroughs.

How do you think that your initiative will make a huge difference in people's lives?

I believe in the importance of the knowledge around compound interest, as Albert Einstein said "Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world".

I think it is the key to evolutionary growth in both life and business. One of my initiatives is sending 1 video a day that contains knowledge around business development and we specifically focus on that matter to impact acceleration of our client's evolutionary growth.

We strictly focus on the success of business and individual growth.

We combine marketing and the learnings from economics to assist people to lead business to their envisioned success.

We are confident that business has the power to allow the coexistence of earth's future and the future of humanity and to that end, our company is highly aware and operating toward the SDGs, "Providing quality education to everyone," and contributing to sustainable business development.

Thanks so much for sitting with us. We wish great success for Body & Growth

Thank you for the opportunity.