Burger King Israel offered Adults Meal for Valentine's Day
The logo of U.S. fast food group Burger King is seen at a restaurant Reuters

A number of fast-food chains have done a lot of crazy things for making the Valentine's Day 2017 special for all the couples on Tuesday. But, Burger King Israel took the things to a whole new level of awkwardness by offering "Adult's Meal" to all its adult customers. The meals come fully-equipped with two Whoppers, two French fries, two beers and an "adult toy."

In a 30-second commercial for the meal that was posted on YouTube by advertisement agency Leo Burnett Israel, a voiceover said: "Kids have got their 'Kid's Meal.' But what about grownups? Adults? Shouldn't they have their own meal too? At least on Valentine's?" and gradually the background score changes from chirpy tone to something more seductive.

"Burger King presents the Adult's Meal, with an adult toy inside. Only on Valentine's Day, and only from 6 p.m.," the ad continued. The commercial was watched for more than 150,000 times on Burger King Israel's Facebook page.

According to the YouTube video, the adult toy options appear to be a mini feather duster, head massager, and an eye mask. The offer was valid only for Tuesday till 6 pm as it was specially created for Valentine's Day.

In recent times, Burger King has been experimenting with other kinds of grown-up meals as well. In Brazil, the company introduced the King Senior meal that comes with two Whopper combos; one for a senior citizen, and another one was free for the person accompanying them.