Bullies Kick 15-Year-Old Boy on the Ground After 'Slicing Head Open With a Screwdriver'

The bullies are said to have conducted the brutal attacks in Clarehall, Coolock, Donaghmede, Belmayne Darndale

A 15-year-old boy was relentlessly kicked on the ground in an unprovoked attack as he was going home with his girlfriend in Dublin, Ireland. The clip of the incident has shocked people as six teens can be seen attacking the boy as he lied near the Donaghmede Shopping Center. They kicked his body and face as a friend can be heard saying, "Get the f*** away from him, stop it".

The mother of the boy said that is one of a number of attacks conducted by the gang around Dublin. She said that in August the group had cut open the back of the boy's head with the help of a screwdriver. It is believed that the large group attend the same school located in north Dublin as their victims and attack them when they are walking alone.

Bullies Attack Boy

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The bullies are said to have carried out vicious attacks in Clarehall, Coolock, Donaghmede, Belmayne Darndale. The mother of the injured boy while speaking to Dublin Live said that she felt lucky to have her son alive. "These are constant attacks. It's been happening on a regular basis since the start of lockdown," she said. The boy has refused to go to the police out of fear of repercussions of revealing the names of the bullies.

"Gardai need the names but he won't tell them. He's into boxing, he's well able to protect himself but it's him against a massive group. His head was busted open this time around and back in August, there was even more of them," the mother said.

While speaking about the screwdriver attack in August the mother mentioned that her son would have got killed if a passer-by had not stepped in. She said that the bullies slashed open the back of his head with the weapon, which left him with a long laceration. The mother has even confronted the parents of the alleged attackers but they did not respond properly.