Bullies Film 12-Year-Old Milwaukee Boy Using Toilet at School; Posts Footage on Instagram

Parents of a 12-year-old boy, studying at Morse Middle School in Milwaukee, have been extremely disappointed and frustrated after a video of their child using the toilet in the school was posted on social media by some notorious bullies.

The 'disturbing' incident happened at Morse Middle School for the Gifted and Talented located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bullies jumped over the toilet stall and filmed the 12-year-old boy. The video was then uploaded to Morse Fight, an Instagram page for brawls in school.

The Child was Humiliated and Depressed

While speaking to Fox News 6, the child's parents, Shameia Harris and Phil Rose, said that their son had been deeply hurt by the incident at Morse Middle School. "He feels totally embarrassed, disrespected, like he's ashamed of what happened," said Phil, the boy's father.

The child's mother, Harris, expressed shock over the incident as no concrete action was taken by the school. She said that the bullies were allowed to get away with it.

Hidden Camera
Representational Picture REUTERS/Lucien Libert

The Instagram page featured even more worrying and distressing posts. The parents saw videos of fights in the classroom, hallway and even in the restroom involving other children at Morse. "You don't think when you send your kids to school you see this type of stuff going on, said Rose. The page appears to have since been taken down.

According to the parents, there's a lack of supervision in the school and have demanded constructive changes for the safety and betterment of students.

"They have too much freedom and access to things that aren't educational," said Harris.

"I'm quite sure he's not the only one that this has happened to," said Harris. "If he could be the last, that would be enough for me."

The parents have reported the abuse to police.

What's the Response of the School?

The school said in a statement, "Morse is aware of some of the videos being posted online and fights happening within our school building. School leaders have taken swift action to address these issues including mediations with students, referring students to support staff, reporting insensitive content directly to social networking sites, and communicating and meeting with families."

Social Media Outrage

As soon as the news broke out, there was outrage on Facebook with many users blaming Facebook and Instagram for allowing such videos to be posted. One user commented, "FB and Insta needs to be fined for such sickening content."

Another comment read, "This is actually considered child pornography and that Instagram account should be shut down and whoever is responsible for taking and distributing the video should be arrested and charged even if that person is another child! It's against the law!"

One user wrote, "Oh my goodness where is the principal and the teachers in the security with all this is going on in the school?" Another shared, "What are these kids doing with cell phones at school? Don't allow them to have them at school; learn math using paper and pencil!"

"Absolutely the School Board needs to be held accountable because they're allowing it," wrote one user.