Bull Shark Kills 58-Year-Old US Tourist in Bahamas; Caroline DiPlacido was Snorkeling When She Was Attacked

Attacked by a bull shark while snorkeling, a 58-year-old Pennsylvania woman identified as Caroline DiPlacido lost her life in Bahamas.

DiPlacido was with a group of relatives, enjoying snorkeling at Green Cay in Royal Bahamas on Tuesday when the shark attacked her at around 2 p.m. The woman has left behind three children and her husband, David, DiPlacido.

According to a report published by NBC News, the woman was identified by her employer, Gannon University where DiPlacido was a project coordinator for the Erie campus' office of community and government relations. The report also referred to a message from the university that stated,"Caroline was a powerful presence of kindness and friendship to colleagues, students, and the wider community and cherished many family ties to Gannon. The news is devastating, and she will be missed."

DiPlacido was a 1986 graduate of the Gannon University who came back to the campus in 2009 to work as a secretary for marketing and communications.

Caroline DiPlacido

Did DiPlacido Die of Heart Failure Following the Shark Attack?

The fact that there were no vital signs after the attack as was informed by Royal Bahamas Police Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings, social

Media followers are terming it as a case of heart failure following the shark attack.

At the same time, people are questioning that why did the authorities allow activities like snorkelling in the waters that have sharks around. They also questioned about the rescue boats which they feel should be there in the sea 24x7.

It was a terrifying moment for DiPlacido's family members who were present with her on the tour boat at Rose Island when the incident happened. The family members along with the tour operator while trying to save her pulled her out of the water and took her to Fort Montagu on Nassau but she did not survive.

A Twitter user expressed his opinion adding, "So sorry this happened..soo sorryy !!Guess these " Shark Experts" need to quit the bulk crap too NO DOUBT...WHY DO SOME PEOPLE STILL GO SWIMMING IN SHARK INFESTED WATERS ??? WTF!! WHY, WHY??"shark attack Bahamas video