Chee Soon Juan directs fire on PM Lee and 'vicious campaign' in dying hours of Bukit Batok campaign

Chee says the People's Action Party engages in "the most revolting and vicious type of gutter politics."

With hours left for the Bukit Batok election, SDP candidate Chee Soon Juan sought to ride the wave of anti-establishment votes saying it was time to give a mandate against the PAP's "worst and vicious" propaganda against his party over the years.

Topping off a hard and bitter campaign over the last fortnight which saw personal attacks, Chee said the People's Action Party engaged in "the most revolting and vicious type of gutter politics."

As the public campaign ended, setting off the cooling day before the May 7 election, Chee said he was worried his rivals would launch a smear campaign against him in the remaining hours which he would not be able to rebut in public.

"I fear, that the PAP will be using this [cooling] period to continue to attack us," Chee said at his final campaign rally, according to Channel News Asia.

Repeating that he was disappointed with the low level electioneering witnessed in the campaign, Chee directed fire against the Prime Minister again.

"The worst, I must say, is by Mr Lee Hsien Loong. Using a made-up headline from Lianhe Wanbao to attack me. How low does the PAP want to go?" Chee asked.

"You can be sure they will use this opportunity to further attack me. They will raise all sorts of issues..." he said.

Chee faced heavy odds at the beginning of the campaign, facing off against Murali Pillai, whose party had won by a landslide margin in the last election in Bukit Batok.

But the Social Democratic Party honcho ran a spirited campaign, promising the electorate that his party would be a strong voice of viable opposition in the parliament.

Chee said his criticism of PAP is followed up with alternative proposals for development. "In other words, we don't oppose for opposition's sake," he said.

He also promised the constituents that he will focus on running the town councils and pushing the PAP in parliament to act in the people's interest.

He said if elected he will be a full-time MP, which will help him run the city councils efficiently without the "wasteful services" of the managing agent.

Chee also drew attention to the number of new jobs added in Singapore for locals in 2015 as per the Ministry of Manpower. He said 700 new jobs for the locals were far too little as in the previous year as many as 96,00 jobs were created for the locals.

"That's a plunge of 99 per cent. A 99 per cent plunge and you want to quibble with me? That it is 700 and not 100? Should we all heave a sigh of relief and start to celebrate?" he asked.

Earlier in the campaign Chee suffered a bruising attack by the opposition that focused on his "character and employment status.

However, he hit back at PAP and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, saying the principles the PAP leaders preach are not practised by them.

Chee also sought to shift the weight of accusations that his party is a disruptive force in the island republic. He said unlike the propaganda against it, SDP is a constructive party.

"For years, the PAP tried to brand us as a totally destructive opposition party, opposed to even Singapore. Those were the days before the Internet and social media. It said that we were out to destroy Singapore," he said, according to TODAY.