Building an empire with a clientele featuring prominent celebrities like actor-singer Robert Davi: Luca De Massis, Photographer, Fashion Enthusiast

Luca De Massis

Photographer and fashion enthusiast Luca De Massis is truly a name that needs no introduction. Born in Pescara, a small town in Italy, Luca was always spirited about film photography and the fashion industry since childhood.

When he was 19, he went to the United States for vacation, but there also, he was desperately looking forward to the opportunities to showcase his talent in a foreign country. Luca belonged to a middle class family and hence he was working day in and day out to let the ends meet. Photography is still considered to be an off-breat career which won't let you earn much money and respect from people.

Despite the fact, Luca opted for the road less travelled which was full of obstacles. Though he returned home physically, his mind was still wandering in America. He was determined to go back there and try his fortune.

His hard work got fruitful in the year 2007 and he went to the United States once again, this time to fulfil his dreams. But again, it was not that easy, he had to struggle with several rejections, language barriers and his small pocket which was gradually getting empty.

All this didn't dampen his spirits and ultimately social media came to his life as a ray of hope. Now, he was able to reach more and more people from the industry and slowly he became a household name for portfolio shoots and gig photography. With around sixteen years of experience, Luca enjoys a large fan following with over 32k followers on Instagram.

Luca was featured in famous European magazines and News like Vogue, Elle Magazine, Business Insider, Influencive , Yahoo Finance among others. During his photography journey, Luca met countless talented and interesting people and got the chance to learn from different cultures and one such person is Robert Davi.

The two met at The Club Life movie premier in New York City where the movie was directed by Fabrizio Conte, one of Luca De Massis friends, who has developed a great relationship with the popular American actor and singer after having collaborated with him on a few projects.

They both did a video together for the Fashion wear NOVARA, an Italian luxury brand designed by Luca De Massis himself and also went live on the Italian Television for the Pescara Jazz festival. Luca directed and filmed with Robert for a short video commercial featuring Robert Davi as the model for the new sunglasses collection.

Luca De Massis, due to his immense hard work and dedication, won millions of hearts with a clientele of a big caliber. One of the most premium published European photographers, known for his "Do What You Love" philosophy, Luca De Massis has miles to go before he sleeps!