An Bui: Shares How To Find Success On Online Career Accelerator In An Online Career Without Any College Degree

Learning the right skills and abilities to help companies grow their business and revenue is what you need for companies to want you.

 An Bui

Since the dawning of the digital world, many individuals including students who dropped out of college to pursue a career in digital marketing or business have found massive success in their chosen fields. As years went by, more and more companies and businesses turned to digital platforms and channels to expand their businesses. Part of this expansion is the need for many individuals who have the right skills and knowledge to be able to help them grow their business and scale in their respective digital markets. Lucky for today's generation, many of those who have succeeded in different digital career paths are sharing their knowledge and skills so they too can get into the digital space and land high-paying jobs with or without any degree or certifications.

One successful college dropout who has had massive success in digital marketing and has worked with many high-end clients and projects is An Bui. An is an instructor at Online Career Accelerator. Based in Los Angeles, California, Online Career Accelerator is a career training program that teaches individuals, many of which are students, skills needed to get remote jobs.

Their programs are taught by job search and remote work experts who provide job searchers with useful knowledge to begin their remote job search. They equip individuals with remote job training for work from home jobs, online career opportunities, and coaching. Their programs are specifically tailored for individuals with no degree, skills, or experience. They have coaches, resources, and tools that will surely help take their trainees' skills to the next level in every step of the training, helping them to land a remote career.

Before his success in his chosen career in the digital space, An Bui was just another college student who was frustrated with the idea of having to go through an agonizing 4-year course in college just to eventually end up in an entry-level job. At the age of 19, An Bui dropped out of college to teach himself different skill sets in digital marketing, with the help of some mentors, to be able to qualify for online jobs and kickstart a career in the digital world. In his first 6 months after dropping out of school, An Bui landed a 6-figure job with a few other high-end companies reaching out to him. At age 21, An Bui earned past 6 figures with no degree or any certifications, just learned the needed relevant career skills to match in-demand jobs online.

Now, An Bui spends the majority of his time helping and teaching many others to learn and develop skills needed to be able to also start a career and succeed online. For anyone who wishes to follow a similar path, An's advice is to learn from a mentor who has done it already. You may make a lot of mistakes along the way but just focus on in-demand skills and learn and hone what is needed for you to easily find a well-paying career without being in debt.