BTS, TWICE top brand reputation index for May
BTS (top) and TWICE Twitter/ BTS and TWICE

Korean bands BTS and TWICE topped the brand reputation rankings for K-pop boy and girl groups in May, according to data released by an institute.

BTS took the first spot for the seventh consecutive month among boy groups with a total brand reputation index of 9.59 million, consisting of 2.71 million as participation index, 770,640 for media index, 2.83 million for communication and 3.27 million for community index.

Their total for May is up by 21.47 percent from 7.89 million in April, according to the Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation, which analyzes the brand reputation of Korean celebrities and companies every month.

"As a result of the brand reputation analysis for boy groups in May 2017, BTS maintained their No. 1 position for seven consecutive months since November last year," said institute Director Koo Chang-wan, who also cited BTS' invitation to attend the Billboard Music Awards.

BTS will be attending the Billboard Music Awards on May 21 as a nominee in the Top Social Artist Award.

Placing second is Sechs Kies with a brand reputation index of 5.53 million followed by WINNER, 5.42 million; EXO, 4.65 million; Big Bang, 4.12 million; SHINee, 3.99 million; BTOB, 3.82 million; Infinite, 3.39 million; Seventeen, 2.97 million; and Highlight, 2.86 million.

Block B grabbed 11th place with 2.44 million followed by BEAST, NU'EST, SF9, VIXX, Super Junior, NCT, Monsta X, B1A4 and VRomance.

Among girl groups, TWICE topped the index for May with 8.07 million, their seventh consecutive month to top the ranking.

"Since November last year, TWICE has been the No.1 group brand name. Their songs 'Knock Knock' and 'TT' kept the high brand reputation and consumer expectations have increased with the comeback song 'Signal,'" Koo said.

They were followed by Red Velvet with 4.5 million; EXID, 4.39 million; Laboum, 4.11 million; Black Pink, 3.4 million; Pristin, 3.36 million; Oh My Girl, 3.22 million; Girls' Generation, 3.14 million; Rainbow, 2.92 million; and Girl's Day, 2.55 million.

The 11th to 20th places went to Lovelyz, APink, Mamamoo, GFriend, Gugudan, Stellar, Wanna.B, AOA, DreamCatcher and Momoland.