BTS tops Gaon Chart for May; records highest sales

Gaon Top Downloaded Single of the Month

The Gaon Music chart is out with its ranking for May's top-rated songs and albums.

BTSs newly launched album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever, is heading towards breaking all the sales records in the Korean entertainment industry.

As per reports, the album, which was released on May 2, hit the high spot by selling 100,000 physical copies with in three days of its launch. Furthermore, Young Forever also topped the weekly album sales chart for attaining magic sales of 164,868 copies in a week.

Let us see who are the top rankers in other categories for the bygone month:

Gaon Best Album of the Month

1.Young Forever - BTS310,243
2.Write - Woohyun78,216
3.With Love, J - Jessica69,77
4.Chrysalis - IOI59,940
5.I Just Wanna Dance56,930
6.The Clan pt. 1 Lost - Monsta X47,627
7.Love & Letter - Seventeen46, 848
8.She Is - Jonghyun45,415
9.XIAGNATURE - Junsu39650
10.Good Luck - AOA38,924

Gaon Top Downloaded Single of the Month

1.RE BYE - Akdong Musician543,636
2.Cheer Up - Twice481,403
3.How People Move - Akdong Musician404,985
4.Dream Girls - IOI341,870
5.Woo Ah - Crush332,482
6.So so - Baek Ah Yeon331,047
7.Hopefully Sky - Eunji ft. Hareem311,732
8.Like a Dream - Ben299,645
9.Haughty Girl - Akdong Musician 39650
10.My Lips Warm like - Eddy ft. Lee Sung Kyung38,924

Gaon Best National Digital Single of the Month

1.Cheer Up - Twice
2.RE BYE - Akdong Musician
3.Hopefully Sky - Eunji ft. Hareem
4.My Lips Warm like - Eddy ft. Lee Sung Kyung
5.How People Move - Akdong Musician
6.Woo Ah - Crush
7.Dream Girls - IOI
8.What The Spring - 10cm
9.Like a Dream - Ben
10.So so - Baek Ah Yeon

The data is compiled by the Korea Music Content Industry Association and sponsored by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The aim is to create a national chart for South Korea similar to the Billboard charts of the United States and the Oricon charts of Japan.