BTS tops brand value ranking among 100 idol groups

Bangtan Boys has topped the ranking for brand reputation among 100 K-pop idol groups for April 2017.

Bangtan Boys
Members of South Korean K-pop band BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys Reuters

Popular boy group BTS, or Bangtan Boys, has topped the ranking for brand reputation among 100 K-pop idol groups for April 2017.

The Korea Institute for Corporate Reputation has released its latest ranking for brand value, analyzing 111.93 million pieces of big data from March 28 to April 29 based on media interest, communication index, community index and participation.

BTS ranked number one with brand reputation index of 6.48 million consisting of participation index - 2,666,136; media - 493,876; communication index - 2,600,297; and community index - 722,808. This is despite the fact that they are not promoting any album.

The seven-member group composed of Rap Monster, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga and J-Hope has topped the brand value among boy bands consecutively since December 2016.

Placing second is YG Entertainment boy group WINNER, which got an index of of 4.41 million, while JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE got third place with 4.3 million.

WINNER released their new album "Fate Number For" in early April and are currently promoting their music on Korean TV shows.

Ranking fourth to tenth are Laboum, Red Velvet, EXID, EXO, APink, Lovelyz and Pristin.

Groups which comprised the 11th to 20th places are Sechs Kies, Oh My Girl, Girl's Day, Black Pink, Girls' Generation, Seventeen, GFriend, Rainbow, Big Bang and Nu'est.

SHINee placed 21st in the ranking followed by BTOB, DIA, Cosmic Girls, Stellar, AOA, Infinite, Dream Catcher, Mamamoo, Shinhwa, Monsta X, Wanna.B, Teen Top, BEAST, VIXX, April, Day6, SISTAR, T-ara, BerryGood, Block B, SF9, Momoland, GOT7, Vromance, Super Junior, 2PM, Gugudan, Boyfriend and B1A4.

Placing 51st to 75th are ASTRO, JYJ, TVXQ, ZE:A, Bonus Baby, Fiestar, Hello Venus, Snuper, Victon, iKON, 9Muses, Five Dolls, Seven O'Clock, Ione, B.A.P, H.U.B, f(x), After School, Day Day, Sonamoo, FT Island, Varsity, 2AM, INX and Black6IX.

Miss A ranked 76th followed by A-Daily, Cross Gene, Secret, Crayon Pop, CLC, BESTie, VAV, Brown Eyed Girls, BigFlo, Ladies' Code, B.I.G, NCT Dream, Tweety, OhBliss, A-Seed, HINT, I4U, Double Eight, Voisper, VX, 100%, D.I.P, 1NB and MAP6.