BTS' Suga to skip end-of-the-year events due to ear injury

Suga injured his ear after tripping on a door sill.

BTS Suga
BTS rapper Suga is taking a break due to an ear injury Facebook

BTS' Suga will reportedly not participate during the end-of-the-year performances due to an ear injury. The 23-year-old rapper injured his ear after tripping on a door sill.

The band's agency, Big Hit Entertainment gave an update about Suga's health on its social media account. The statement read: "We're announcing that BTS member SUGA will not be participating in end-of-the-year performances and events."

"On December 20, SUGA tripped over a door and injured his ear. He was rushed to the plastic surgeon and was told by the expert to refrain from activities that can cause irritation to the injured spot. After rechecking the ear injury on the 21st, we found that there weren't any other injuries than on his ears; however, it'll be best for him to not participate in dance practice and performance for a week in order to recover. With the doctor's recommendation in mind, we plan for SUGA to take a rest and focus on recovery."

"SUGA will not be performing but only standing on stage for greetings at the 'Nonsan Youth Winter Concert' scheduled today. The other 6 members, without SUGA, will be standing on stage at other end-of-the-year performances as well. We apologize to those fans who've been dearly waiting for BTS's end-of-the-year performance and events. The BTS members will work hard to finish this year healthily and greet 2017," the note read.