BTS returns to Jimmy Fallon show; list of questions asked by fans that will leave you in splits

BTS had their first encounter with Jimmy Fallon in 2018. Here they return for the second show and here is why #FallonAsksBTS is trending

South Korea's globally acclaimed K-pop band BTS is all set to return to the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The announcement in this regard was made on Thursday night that the popular band BTS will make its second entry into the Jimmy Fallon show. The first time the supergroup appeared on the show was in 2018.

Making the announcement, the host Jimmy Fallon asked the viewers and fans to send him questions to be asked to the BTS group. In no time #FallonAsksBTS started trending and the pop group's fans are bombarding the social media with all sorts of questions.

Questions that the fans want to ask their favourite band

Twitter/BTS Official

Here we bring you some interesting and funny questions that might make the pop group happy, elated as well as dumbstruck all at once. Does yoongi/ suga know we have a cat meme for everything he does? #FallonAsksBTS

BTS in The Tonight Show

One of the fans had a simple yet complex question where he mentioned a Tweet "7" by the group. So the question is "Who Tweeted This and Deleted This?"

It looks like the black bean noodle incident is going to make some sound in the Jimmy Fallon show. No matter how many times ever the group talked about it, fans still want to know the background story behind the black bean noodle (Ja Jand Myun).

BTS tweet

"Other than performing, music or army what brings joy to BTS," asked a Twitter user. Probably the black bean noodle?? Let's wait for BTS themselves to answer this. Another curious fan wanted to know, "jin how did it feel to be carried by ashton kutcher on national tv?"

Here is one strange request: "Hey BTS, next time you get in contact with Ticketmaster can y'all translate this message to them for me? Thanks :)"

Here is an example of how much people (even children) love BTS. One of the Twitter users wrote this: "Hi Mr. Jimmy my name is Jailynne im 10 years old and using my mom's account so you can ask @BTS_twt my question thank you so much !!

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