South Korean boy group BTS will be holding a two-week fun fiesta to mark their third debut anniversary celebration in June. Similar to its two bygone years, the Bangtan boys will yet again mesmerize their fans with the special dose of band appearances and performances this year.

On 30 May, the boy group, which was launched in June 2013, took to social media to announce the fun-filled package for its fans. The seven-member band uploaded a poster of their BTS Festa 2016 schedule, along with all the activities set to happen for coming two weeks.

Starting from 1 June, the BTS fans can expect a daily eye-pleasing treat from the group until 13 June.

The celebrations are planned to take off with a grand opening ceremony on the blog from 1 June. However, the second day has been marked as a performance day, with BTS showcasing a special choreography on Youtube and Neaver's App.

The following day, the boy band will release an exquisite photo album via Facebook, along with the group's third-anniversary family photo on 4 June. BTS has also scheduled a live broadcast performance for its fan on 11 June over V app with Jin's popular meokbangs entitled, Eat Jin Live. Finally on 13 June, the two fun weeks will conclude at the blog with Happy BTS day party, Young Forever.