BTS to release new album next month, recognised as most used Twitter hashtag

This will be BTS' first album in the "Love Yourself" series that will be released until 2018.

BTS Twitter

Big Hit Entertainment, BTS' agency, announced that the boy band will release a mini-album titled "Love Yourself 'Her'" on September 18.

This will be BTS' first album in the "Love Yourself" series that will be released until 2018. The agency has been releasing teaser images and videos related to "Love Yourself" in the past weeks.

Before the release, BTS will be the special guest of legendary Korean singer Seo Taiji at his 25th-anniversary concert to be held on September 2.

"Seo Taiji and BTS will perform eight of Seo Taiji and Boys' most representative songs like 'I Know,' 'As the Night Deepens,' and 'Come Back Home,' and they will be perfectly replicating the music and choreography for each song," Seo Taiji's agency said, Soompi reported.

It thanked BTS "for their talent and hard-working attitude, which they applied to everything from their remake of 'Come Back Home' to their rehearsals for the upcoming concert. Seo Taiji's joint performance with BTS will be a special opportunity to unite audience members of all different generations as one."

Meanwhile, Twitter Korea released the most popular and most used Korea-related hashtags in celebration of the birth of the hashtag on the social networking site.

It said based on Korea-related tweets, the most used are #BTSBBMAs, #GOT7, #BTS in Korean), #GOT7 in Korean) and BTS' #JIMIN.

Twitter marked the 10th anniversary of the birth of the hashtag with #Hashtag10.

"The hashtag was born on Twitter 10 years ago today, and it has become one of the most recognizable and widely used symbols of our time," Twitter co-founder Biz Stone wrote on the Twitter blog.

On August 23, 2007, Twitter user and open source advocate Chris Messina tweeted, "how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?"

"In the summer of 2007, a web marketing specialist and avid user of Twitter, Chris Messina walked into our grungy office at 164 South Park (yes, people would just walk in back then) and made a suggestion to me and a few other Twitter employees who were sitting nearby," Stone wrote.

He added, "His proposal was simple, useful, and fun—just like Twitter. Because brevity is essential on Twitter, he suggested using the 'pound' or 'hash' character common on phones (this was pre-iPhone) to create groups of related Tweets."

"On August 23rd, 2007, the hashtag came into existence with this Tweet and eventually caught on across the platform. We hyperlinked hashtags on Twitter making them easier and better for all," Stone said.

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