The most admired South Korean boy group, Bangtan boys failed to impress its fans at a recent concert of their Asia tour entitled 2016 BTS LIVE: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life On Stage: Epilogue in Beijing. The fans are reportedly quite disappointed and voicing their opinion on various social media websites.

As per Chinese News outlet, Morning Post, the spectators highly expressed their displeasure catering to the venue and the band's performance. The reports suggests that the fans encountered blackout two times during the whole event. Apparently, the lights first went out soon after the concert began, and during the middle of the performances. Reportedly, the electricity went off for more than 30 minutes leaving thousands of fans lurking in the dark.

In addition, the fans also expressed their disappointment for trimming the boy band's performances. They shared that BTS, who performed 26 songs at their previous concert in Nanjing on July 2, staged only 15 songs at the Beijing concert, leaving the fans further more in an upset state.

The news item quoted a fan, "Since it was their last concert in China many fans came from other regions. However, there was great disappointment due to fewer songs being sung than originally announced and the lighting accidents."

Meanwhile, BTS is nearing the end of their 2016 Asia tour. The boy band's next stop is at Manila on 30 July, followed by Bangkok and Tokyo in August.