BTS credits fans for their success, AMAs appearance

BTS said it was an honor to attend the awards show and hopes that they could perform on the AMAs next year.

BTS at the AMAs
BTS at the AMAs Twitter

Korean boy band BTS are still in a daze following their performance at the American Music Awards (AMAs) and said that it was made possible because of the support of their fans around the world.

"To actually be invited to the AMAs, an awards show that I'd only ever seen through videos, and to perform there, with so many fans coming to see us and cheer us on, it was a really new experience," J-Hope told Chosun Media in an interview.

He said it was an honor to attend the awards show and hopes that they could perform on the AMAs next year, saying, "We are so grateful to our fans."

RM expressed gratitude to the AMAs as it "didn't treat us as a curious novelty from Asia, but showed us respect and treated us as an important part of the show. There were 17 acts in the lineup, and we were the 16th to perform."

BTS performed before legendary singer Diana Ross and they were introduced by The Chainsmokers.

"It was clear in many ways that they knew a lot about us and had prepared for our appearance for a long time," RM added.

Since their debut, BTS have achieved great success in their career considering that they come from a small entertainment agency. J-Hope credits fans for the group's achievements.

"The most important thing is that our fans, who have believed in us and followed us, made it possible for us to get here. I think we were able to attend this awards show because of the power of our fans," he explained.

He added, "Whether we were at the AMAs or at another show in the United States, our fans were always there to passionately cheer us on. I believe our fans' influence was a huge factor in our success."

RM echoed him, saying, Truly, it's 100 percent because of our fans' strength. I've never seen any fandom like ours."

Jin recalled that it was last year when they won their first daesang or grand prize at an awards ceremony, then went on to win Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards and perform at the AMAs: "We've come so far so fast, it's hard to believe; it amazes me."

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