BtoB's Seo Eunkwang gushes about Red Velvet's Seulgi and reveals he never had a girlfriend

BtoB's Seo Eunkwang has opened up about his dating life.

South Korean singer Seo Eunkwang has admitted that he never gets asked out on dates. During an episode of Happy Together, the leader of the boy group BtoB revealed which girl group member he feels is the prettiest. He said: "Red Velvet's Seulgi."

Adding on, the 25-year-old singer confessed that he is single at the moment. He said: "After I became a singer I never had a girlfriend. I'm committing to my music. They say that after celebrities become celebrities, they get asked out, but that's never happened to me."

In 2015, Eunkwang was romantically linked to Korean heartthrob and EXO leader Suho. At that time, netizens released several photos of the two claiming they are in a relationship.

A quote of the EXO leader was mentioned in one of the photos, and it read: "I often listen to BTOB's songs because they are good. Eunkwang, who I have recently gotten close to, is in the group ha. The song is really good."

Meanwhile, social media users even claimed that the BTOB member talked about his feelings for Suho in an interview. "Ah you want to know why Suho? Well I really like him (shy) No I mean (puzzled) On the internet..... I really liked him," according to Koreaboo.