Brunae Body's Natural, Tan Accelerating Products: How Two Best Friends Created A Girl's Best Friend Within A Saturated Market

Brunae Body

Brunae Body is an Australian tanning brand that offers natural, cruelty-free accelerating tanning oils and lotions. Co-founded by Aidan Drentin and Michael Ballato in 2020, the brand quickly gained a loyal following thanks to its unique formula, which includes an active complex derived from natural ingredients that helps users tan faster and darker with less sun time

Tan-accelerating products are designed to help users achieve a tan more quickly and with less sun exposure. These products typically contain ingredients that stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color and helps to protect it from the sun's UV rays.

The founders of Brunae Body were determined to create a range of products that not only worked well but also focused on self-love and being comfortable in your skin. In addition to tanning, the brand strongly emphasizes skin care, with products designed to hydrate and nourish the skin while helping boost its tanning ability.

Despite being owned and run by two men, Brunae Body has become a leading women's beauty brand in Australia thanks to its commitment to customer satisfaction. The brand's founders spent countless hours researching, testing, and refining their products to ensure they met the needs of their target audience. This dedication to quality has paid off, with Brunae Body seeing over $100,000 in revenue in the last 30 days and selling out of its products due to exceptionally high demand.

In response to the overwhelming popularity of Brunae Body, the founders set up a pre-order system on their website to allow customers to secure their products in advance. This move has proven to be very popular, with the pre-orders filling up faster than they could imagine. "We thought not actually having the product on hand would lead to a decrease in sales, we were shocked to see how many customers were ordering the product knowing that they had to wait a couple of weeks before we even received the stock in our warehouse. It really shows the level of commitment to our brand and it showed us just how loyal our following is," said Michael.

While the success of Brunae Body is undoubtedly impressive, the founders remain humble and focused on continuing to provide their customers with the best possible products and experiences. "We are always learning and looking for ways to improve, whether it be in looking to create new products or the customer experience. We are so grateful for the support we have received and are excited to see where the future takes us," said Aidan.

In a market that is often saturated with choices, Brunae Body has carved out a unique niche for itself by offering high-quality, natural products that focus on both tanning and skin care. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction and its innovative marketing approach has helped it stand out in a crowded field. With its strong foundation and bright future, it's clear that Brunae Body is a cult beauty brand on the rise.

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