Brown Eyed Girl's Ga-In talks about her sex video, says she has moved on

Son Ga-In is the member of South Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girl

Son Ga-In
Son Ga-In is the member of South Korean girl group, Brown Eyed Girl Facebook/officialgain

South Korean singer, Ga-In, has gotten over the trauma she felt a while back with the bizarre news of her involvement in a sex video came out. The Brown Eyed Girl's member was reportedly embroiled in a controversy where many accused her of appearing in the explicit pictures with her boyfriend, Joo Ji Hoon.

During the airing of MBC's Radio Star the 29-year-old openly talked about the controversy and admitted that she is in peace with her mental health. She said: " It's okay now. I think many people could have mistaken [the person in the video for me]." However, the idol did criticize the media for not checking the facts and spreading an unreasonable news.

The South Korean singer and actor revealed that she was on a flight when the news of her and her boyfriend being involved in the scandal spread. The girl group member asserted that she was horrified to see people messaging to ask her well-being: "When the rumors blew up, I was en route to Paris. The news had blown up about an hour after I got on the plane. I got off the plane without knowing anything," she said.

"Are you okay?," and "Why can't I contact you? I originally thought something happened to someone close to me. I was so frightened, all alone, " Ga-In recollected.

"What shocked me most was the video clip I saw when I checked the messages on my phone. It was a clip my agency sent to me for clarification. What I regret about that moment is that I played the video without knowing the full situation. I was so shocked. I turned it off immediately. It was so ridiculous that I just thought, 'What the heck is this?" she elaborated.

Ga-In, whose real name is Son Ga-in, further revealed that as previously stated by her agency, they are in the middle of the lawsuit, and will be taking stringent actions against the rumour spreaders. She said that she would want to donate the money which she expects to win from the lawsuit.

" I'm currently in the middle of a lawsuit but it would feel iffy even if I won and got some money. I want to donate this money somewhere. So I hope that I win a lot of money [in this case]," Ga-In asserted.

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