Brothers Gift American Flag to Army Veterans and Police Officers 

Saccenti and his sons have already distributed 50 handmade flags to army veterans and police officers

American Flag
Representational Image Pixabay

It was in 2018 that former police officer Tom Saccenti decided to make American flags using leftover wood. After a few failed attempts, Saccenti, along with his sons Micah and James succeeded in making flags which they are now gifting to army veterans and police officers.

A Tribute to Army Veterans and Police Officers

Even though they took to flag-making as a time pass activity, Saccenti and his sons are now making the flags as a serious hobby, and they believe that it is their tribute to army veterans and police officers who spent their entire life for the nation.

"My dad and me thought it would be a good idea to do it as a father-son project. We loved it so much that we went to our church and we showed them how to do it for Veterans Day. We made about 20 flags before we got it right," Micah told Fox News.

Saccenti is now traveling around the country with his family teaching new safety techniques to local police departments, colleges, universities and other institutions. Micah and James also used to attend these programs, and they will gift the handmade flag to one lucky raffle winner.

Flag-making Going on Steadily during Coronavirus Outbreak

Even though the coronavirus outbreak is creating chaos all over the US, Micah and James continue their flag-making activity. They believe that gifting the handmade American flag could be the best gift they can give to police officers who are contributing to the fight against the coronavirus.

"We thought what can we do at our home to kind of still honor people who are working during this time. And so we thought what a great way to honor some of our local heroes, police officers," said Saccenti.

As of now, Saccenti and his sons have distributed 50 American flags, and have also raised $2,000 for a missionary group named Boys and Girls.