Brooklyn Man Arrested for Violent Kick That Sent Woman Falling 20-ft Down the Escalator

A man with a very bad temper was arrested on Friday for violently kicking a woman in the chest, causing her to fall down the escalator at a Brooklyn subway station.

Bradley K. Hill, 32, kicked a woman down the escalator of the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn, New York on the afternoon of September 9. As soon as the footage of the incident went viral, this guy cut his hair to hide his identity. On September 9, he was captured on surveillance footage with a long, curly mane in a bun. Later, he was photographed on his perp walk with a fresh, short haircut on Friday.

Bradley Hill violently kicked a woman in the chest
Bradley Hill violently kicked a woman in the chest, sending her falling down an escalator at a Brooklyn subway station, Twitter

What Provoked the Violent Attack?

The incident is said to have unfolded because the unidentified victim, also 32, asked Hill to say 'excuse me' after he pushed his way past her on the ride up to the street, she told ABC 7 News earlier this week.

"There was someone that brushed past me, like pushed me to the side and it was this guy and I told him real quick, 'say excuse me,'" the woman told NBC New York earlier in the week.

The Incident Has Left the Woman Traumatized

After a brief verbal exchange, he kicked woman in the chest sending her 20 feet down the escalator., then fled from the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station.

The woman suffered cuts and bruises to her back, arms, legs, right knee and right thigh and trauma to her left ankle, but she refused medical attention at the scene, police said.

"I'm lucky I'm not dead or unconscious but it could happen to somebody that runs into him," the woman said.

Hill, who resides in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, was nabbed by detectives less than a week later in his apartment on Sept. 17. He was taken into custody and charged with assault and attempted assault.

Bradley Hill
Bradley Hill was photographed on his perp walk with a fresh haircut on Friday. Twitter

Social Media Reactions

Hill is receiving a lot of hateful comments and harsh remarks on social media. One Twitter user wrote, "Offer him a special diversion program. For part of his sentence, he must spend a full day getting booted up and down that same escalator. I'd pay to watch that." Another wrote, "Lock him up and throw the key away. Some people deserve what they get without any sympathy."

One comment read, "Our society doesn't even know how to deal with this criminal. A judge will release him out of mercy, knowing there's no rehabilitation in prison, and he will continue committing violent crimes while free on the street." Another said, "I'm glad they arrested this Hill. But his charges are weak. He could have killed that poor woman."

One person twitted, "#ZeroTolerance ! Thanks to @NYPDetectives the person was taken in custody. I don't understand why some people are toxic and think they are entitled to hurt others. Good Samaritan should have knocked the suspect down as it was done and call the police. One less problem."