Broadus Palmer: Enabling Aspiring Tech Workers To Build A Dream Career In Cloud Computing

Broadus Palmer

Founder of Level Up In Tech, Broadus Palmer, is making waves in the tech industry, becoming renowned for creating a robust and safe method for aspiring tech workers to transition into cloud computing. Throughout his personal experience of transitioning from a banker of 14 years on a $42,000 salary, to earning 6-figures in a tech role, Broadus understands the precise skill-sets and mindset tools required to make the transition as smooth and effortless as possible. Now, he is highly regarded and known in the industry as the go-to for training in cloud computing.

Broadus Palmer built the foundation of Level Up In Tech by taking important lessons learned from his own journey when he entered the cloud computing space with no prior experience or know-how. At the time, Broadus knew two things with certainty; he wanted something better for himself, and he wanted his new career to be in tech. This path led to him discovering a missing component in the certification he gained, which was the ability to solve real-world problems. It was during an interview with a potential new employer that led him to this discovery, as they asked him questions that he struggled to answer as he had yet to learn essential problem-solving skills. Consequently, Broadus went back to the drawing board and armed himself with an approach more focused on learning the necessary skills.

After landing a 6-figure job in tech and reflecting on what he had done to get to that point, Broadus unlocked a deeper desire to create a path for others to follow in his footsteps. As a result, Level Up In Tech was birthed and, by extension, cloud career coaching. While Broadus' program teaches the tech skill essentials, it also goes a step further in providing hands-on experience to prepare guests for interviews with potential employers. Those who complete the program are equipped with the tools, knowledge, and experience to land their dream role in tech.

Broadus' team is also made up of people who dared to step out of the safety of roles in less-than fulfilling careers and have also completed his coaching program. The husband of one of Broadus' friends, who was a police officer at the time, was convinced by Broadus to dive into the tech space. When signing up, he told Broadus, "I don't know why I'm signing up. I'm not going to be able to learn this stuff anyway". However, throughout the 6-month long process in the program, he was able to land a 6-figure role, transitioning out of law enforcement and into cloud computing. Now he earns a high 6-figure salary and works as the COO at Level up In Tech.

After working through the initial frustrations of learning the new technology, this story is one of many who have followed in the steps carved by Broadus Palmer. The heavy focus on mindset development and real-world problem-solving skills is ultimately what sets Level Up In Tech apart from others in the industry.