Is Britney Spears Under Surveillance? Pop Star's Ex Manager Claims She 'Borrows Phone from Strangers' to Make Calls

Sam Lutfi said that he believes that the pop star's phone is constantly being monitored by a legal team under the conservatorship.

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Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi has claimed that the singer may be under tight surveillance amid her conservatorship as she often had to borrow phones from strangers to call him up. According to Lutfi, Spears fears that her actions may be tracked so she often took phones from others to sporadically reach out to her former manager.

Lutfi is currently under a five-year restraining order from Spears which was set in 2019, but claims that she at times reaches out to him using random phones. He also claims that Spears is under constant fear that she is being spied upon and every action of hers is being monitored.

More Concerns about Spears

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Lutfi, 46, the former manager of Spears, told The New Yorker that he is concerned about Spears' well being. "I'll go years without contact, and then I'll get a call every once in a while from her in a closet," he told the outlet about the Grammy-winning singer's efforts to pull out of her conservatorship.

Lutfi said that he believes that the pop star's phone is constantly being monitored by a legal team under the conservatorship. He also said that the 39-year-old singer too is aware of that and that's why she tries not to call from her own phone.

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"Last time she called me, she was at Ralphs, in Calabasas. After she hung up, I got a call from the same number - it's an Asian doctor, who says, 'Wow, this is surreal, Britney just borrowed my phone'. Five years ago she borrowed a phone at the gym and just made off with it," Lutfi further said.

He also said that he believes that the conservatorship has drastically affected Spears' mindset and she panics all the time. Lutfi said this despite having not met seen or met Spears in the past six years. He also admitted that he thinks Britney has always believed there were massive consequences if she didn't work and said it "it blew her mind that she could just call the shots".

Reason for His Worries

Lutfi said that he never stopped Spears from fu7lfilling her wishes, instead encouraged her, unlike her parents. "You want to cancel that meeting? Cancel it. You're gonna lose five grand? Lose it," he told the outlet.

"She'd walk into a car dealership, say she wanted something. I'd say, 'Buy it.' Her parents would say, 'Why would you let her do that?' But it's an $80,000 car, not a yacht, and she just got $15 million from Estée Lauder. Anyway, she's an adult. I'm not gonna tell her that she can't buy a f***ing yacht," he added.

The shocking claims made by Lutfi come just days after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny denied the pop star's most recent request to remove her father Jamie Spears from the head of the conservatorship on Wednesday, in response to a motion filed last November by her lawyer Samuel Ingham III, according to Variety.

Spears compared herself to a sex traffic victim and claimed that she had been "forced" to work, including a 2018 tour that she said she agreed to "out of fear" during her address to the court.

Spears, who has over the years developed a volatile relationship with her father, told the court: "I cried on the phone for an hour and he loved every minute of it. The control he had over someone as powerful as me - he loved the control to hurt his own daughter 100,000 percent. He loved it."

New court docs revealed in the case said that the request made by Spears' camp was denied without prejudice, just a week after the singer gave a statement to the court about her personal travails under the constraints of the conservatorship, which she dubbed "abusive."

The singer had been enjoying a break in Hawaii with boyfriend Sam Asghari after her hearing. She has been regularly posting on social media about the trip, but some fans weren't convinced she was as happy as it seemed.