British UFO witness breaks silence, claims to have seen something similar to Oumuamua 65 years ago

An 80-year old UFO witness has claimed to have seen a strange object similar to Oumuamua, the recently spotted first ever interstellar object in our solar system, decades before its detection.

A British woman has finally broken her silence 65 years after witnessing strange unidentified flying objects (UFO) in the skies of Yorkshire. Irene Caine, 80, has spoken out for the first time about the strange formation that occurred in the year of 1952 at Batley.

The old lady has only told about it to her son, Daniel, who is now trying to make a CGI movie about the "close encounter" so that the other classmates of Irene who had also witnessed the same thing can recall their memories.

"I hope there are still people around who can recall this incident," said Danielle.

As per Daniel, his mother recalls that she looked into the sky that day in 1952 after she heard someone saying, "Look at that". When all her fellow classmates of Princess Royal School present at that time, along with Irene, rushed outside following their teacher, they saw a bizarre formation passing over their head, according to Daily Star.

As per Irene's description, the objects in the sky looked like "short-fat-cigars." Since the flying objects were white in colour, they were effortlessly noticeable against the bright blue summer sky.

Although their teacher had rubbished the idea of the objects in the sky being UFOs, saying that they were only "something military;" Irene still believes that what she saw then was certainly something out of this world.

Her son Daniel wants to find out what exactly happened at Yorkshire that day and to unearth the truth he is now trying to reach out to the other witnesses. "I tried to take my mum to the site in the summer, but sadly it's locked up tight, understandably with it being a school and as my mum in a wheelchair she couldn't scale the banking to try and get a better view," said Danielle.

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Interestingly, one mysterious cigar-shaped asteroid has recently been identified by the scientists worldwide and named Oumuamua, which is around 1,300 feet long. Also, it is said to be the first ever interstellar object to have been spotted in our solar system.