British Tourist Plunges 300 Feet to His Death While Crossing Ladder on Austrian Mountain Popular with Instagrammers

The ladder is advertised as the "new TOP attraction on the Zwieselalm for climbing enthusiasts" by the Dachstein region tourist website.

A British man plunged 300 feet to his death while climbing a ladder on a mountain that is frequented by Instagram users, as reported by the police. The unnamed 42-year-old man, lost his life after facing trouble on a narrow aerial ladder in the Dachstein Mountains near Salzburg, Austria, last Tuesday.

The ladder serves as a link between the lower section of the Donnerkogel mountain and the Grober Donnerkogel, also known as the "Greater" part of the mountain, encompassing the 6,740-foot peak. Emergency response teams, including two helicopter crews and numerous officers from Hallein Alpine and Abtenau police, soon responded to the scene but the man could not be saved.

Fatal Fall

Dachstein Mountains
The ladder on Dachstein Mountains is considered a top tourist attraction (Representational purpose only) X

Investigators have categorized the man's fall as an accident and have ruled out any third-party negligence, as reported by the outlet.

The ladder is advertised as the "new TOP attraction on the Zwieselalm for climbing enthusiasts" by the Dachstein region tourist website. The climb is outlined in four stages, with the ladder being presented as the ultimate adrenaline rush, providing a thrilling experience for adventure seekers.

The climb is listed as a via ferrata, also known as an "iron path." Via ferrata involves using steel cables, rungs, pegs, and ladders to help climbers, who are securely attached to these structures via harnesses, ensuring their safety during the ascent.

Following the tragic incident, two helicopters and several officers from nearby police departments collaborated to recover the man's body from the gorge.

On Instagram, thousands of thrill-seekers have shared their exhilarating experiences of ascending this hair-raising tourist attraction, often referring to it by its nickname, "the stairway to heaven."

The climb is classified as moderate/difficult and is explicitly stated as "Not ideal for beginners," emphasizing the need for adequate climbing experience and skill level.

Risky Climb

Dachstein Mountains
Dachstein Mountains X

Numerous Austrian towns have grown weary of tourists invading their hometowns in search of the perfect social media photo opportunities, and some have even pleaded to be left in peace.

In May, the quaint hamlet of Hallstatt took the drastic step of closing down its renowned lakefront view due to an overwhelming influx of tourists.

The town, believed to be the inspiration for various scenes in Disney's "Frozen," faced a surge of visitors eager to witness what inspired the fictional kingdom of "Arendelle" in the 2013 animated film.

Hallstatt, with a population of 750 permanent residents, found itself grappling with more than 7,000 daily visitors.

Earlier this month, a 55-year-old man from Virginia lost his life while attempting the challenging 24-mile Rim-to-Rim hike of the Grand Canyon.

The distress call from first responders came in around 2 pm on Saturday, September 9, reporting a hiker in trouble near a campground on the North Kaibab Trail. The hiker, identified as Ranjith Varma, fell unconscious and had to be airlifted from the canyon. Despite the efforts of park rangers to administer lifesaving measures, they were unable to revive him.