British Soldiers Join Ukraine to Fight Against Russia? UK Warns Troops of Severe Consequences

Some British soldiers could have joined Ukraine's fight against the Russian troops as the war has entered the 15the day with no signs of being stopped early despite sanctions against the Kremlin.

The UK government has clarified that they are aware of the reports that some of the soldiers have disobeyed the orders and gone absent without leave, prompting speculations that they have taken part in Ukraine's fight against Russian troops in their personal capacity.

UK soldiers
UK soldiers Reuters

UK Warns of Actions

"We are actively and strongly encouraging them to return to the UK," a British government spokesperson told Sky News.

In connection with the development, the UK government has prohibited travel to Ukraine from Britain. "All Service Personnel are prohibited from traveling to Ukraine until further notice. This applies whether the Service Person is on leave or not. Personnel traveling to Ukraine will face disciplinary and administrative consequences," said the spokesperson.

The UK is maintaining it would act against its soldiers who are taking part in Ukraine's fight with Russia. Any serving members of the armed forces who go to fight in Ukraine would be breaking the law and would be prosecuted, said Ben Wallace, British Defense Secretary.

Teenage British Soldiers Join Ukraine's Fight

It came after reports emerged that a teenage British soldier Coldstream Guardsman has left his post protecting the Queen to fight Mad Vlad's invaders in Ukraine, reported The Sun.

The 19-year-old soldier had left for Eastern Europe after quitting his Windsor barracks and leaving a note for his parents.

British teenage soldier
British teenage soldier The Sun

He is among the four soldiers who are feared to have gone AWOL

to fight against Russian troops. The development prompts fears that more British soldiers could join Ukraine's fight against the Kremlin troops.

Until now, it was only former military personnel who had headed for the front line.

The development has also spread concerns that Russia could claim the UK is directly taking military part in Ukraine's fight against Kremlin and Moscow might consider some actions against London.

Civilian Britishers Also Take Part in Ukraine War

Earlier reports had emerged that a pair of heavily-armed Brits are to join Ukraine to fight against Russian troops.

The pair were armed with AK-47 in their pictures as they flank their commander at an unknown location inside the war zone, reported Daily Mirror.

The two Britishers are among the 20,000 foreign nationals who are joining Ukraine against its fight with the Russian soldiers.

Among the two, one hails from Manchester and he arrived in Ukraine nearly two weeks ago. He gave his name as James said that along with him nearly 15 Britons joined the Georgian National Legion.

James had lied to his family about his visit to Ukraine, saying that he was traveling to help refugees.

Later, he revealed that he is going to join Ukraine to fight against the Russian soldiers despite having no military experience.